The first meeting, an informal event in 1954, of a few country and city folk was held at the old Bellingham Library site. The focus was clearly, “Love me, Love My Dog”. Finally, a few true dog enthusiasts had a chance to brag together because they loved dogs, loved to visit and talk about dogs, could do this for hours, and would probably go on meeting for years to come. In 1956, the Mt. Baker Kennel Club was created. The year began in earnest with the election of the Club’s first officers. Articles of incorporation were drawn up and approved by the state. Our local “Dog Fancy” was well on its way. In order to meet the American Kennel Club (AKC) requirements for holding all breed championship shows the new club held sanctioned A matches. The first match was held at the Bloedel Donovan Field House, in Bellingham, Washington. Our local newspaper reported there were 800 people in attendance and a total of 43 dogs were entered

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 August 24, 1958 was a big day for the club. We held our first AKC All Breed Show at Battersby Field, in Bellingham, Washington. The show had a total entry of 345 dogs. Obedience Trials became a lasting part of the clubs activities in 1960. The first Obedience Trial match was held at the Done Bellingham Hotel. Bellingham’s Civic Field became our show site in 1963. Our show entries grew to over 600 dogs. By l978, the entries grew to over 1300 dogs. The Deming Logging Show Grounds was our new location until 1989. Today the club holds back to back shows in May, at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds in Lynden, Washington. The public is encouraged to attend. Club membership remains fairly constant, and the focus of our activities is, and will continue to remain, AKC All Breed Championship Dog Shows and Licensed Obedience and Rally Trials.


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