The MT. Baker Kennel Club, [hereinafter referred to as MBKC]  maintains the breeders referral list of MBKC
members who have signed the MBKC's
Codes of Ethics and have requested to be listed on this site.
The MBKC breeder referral list is published for the sole purpose of reference only

These members are in good standing with the MBKC, but under no circumstances does the MBKC guarantee the
services or dogs of any said member(s) nor does it assume any responsibility or liability regarding any agreements
you may enter in with any of the breeders listed. 

The MBKC does not recommend or endorse any one breeder, nor does it recommend, guarantee, their stock. 

 The MBKC does not and cannot guarantee or accept any responsibility or liability of any kind for the quality, health,
or temperament of any dog; nor for the warranty, guarantee, integrity, honesty, reliability, expressed or
implied, by any MBMC member who requested to be included on this list. 

All such warranties, guarantees, promises, or any other aspect of animals a buyer may purchase from a MBMC
member on this listing are between buyer(s) and seller(s) as individuals, MBKC will not resolve or entertain any disputes or otherwise.

Boston Terrier

Hi -Stiles

Shirley Stiles

Bauder Bostons

Jeanette Bauder

Brussels Griffon

Endor Brussels Griffons

Pam WaldronEndorgriff@comcast.net

Hi -Stiles

Shirley Stiles360-336-2907

Great Danes

Daynakin Great Danes

Georgia HymmenDaynakingreatdanes@gmail.com